Subscription Add-on: Frame for Pet Sematary

$162.00 $180.00

Please only add this to your cart if you are ordering The Covers Collection Subscription. Thanks!

If you are purchasing a Subscription to The Covers Collection, and you want to order framing for your Pet Sematary print, please select your frame option above, and add this item to your cart.

It may seem obvious, but if you are ordering a SMALL subscription, select only from the "SMALL" frame options above. If you are subscribing to either the LARGE Subscription, or the REMARQUE Subscription, you will need to choose from the "LARGE" frame options.

For your future prints, you will be provided with an opportunity to upgrade to a framing option before your print ships.


  • If you would like more than one of your three prints framed, simply add the applicable "Subscription Add-on: Frame..." item to your cart.
  • Framed prints are shipped separately from unframed prints, and please allow an extra 2-3 weeks for shipping of framed prints.

Click here to see all of the available Subscription Add-On Items.

Frame Options

Generic: This is a frame design that is intended to be the same across all prints in the series. You would select this option if you want the prints that you choose to frame, to all have the same frame. We have designed this option to be as generic as possible so that it works for all prints.

Custom: This is a frame design that is different for each print, and is designed to match the coloring of the specific print.

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