Subscription Add-on: Archival Art Folio Box

$80.75 $95.00

This item should only be used with Subscription orders. Please only add this to your cart if you are ordering The Covers Collection Subscription. If you are not purchasing a Subscription to The Covers Collection, and would like to purchase this folio box, click here for the applicable product.

Safely store the prints from The Covers Collection in this custom, foil stamped archival Art Folio Box. These folio boxes shield and protect the prints from dirt, dust and other pollutants. The box is constructed of archival quality board, lined with acid-free paper, with the exterior covered in a beautiful buckram cloth. Safely store, view and appreciate your prints in this archival art folio box.

Be sure to select the size you require from the drop down.

Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery of the Art Folio Box

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