Desperation Limited Edition Cover - Fine Art Print - Don Maitz

Desperation Limited Edition Cover - Fine Art Print - Don Maitz

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We are delighted to announce our latest addition to The Covers Collection, Don Maitz's incredible cover art from the Donald M. Grant limited edition of Desperation by Stephen King.

King derived inspiration for Desperation during a cross-country drive in 1991. During his travels, the author visited the small desert community of Ruth, Nevada, and found it so desolate he thought the townspeople must all be dead. He began to wonder who might have killed them, and the thought occurred that the town's sheriff had done so.

Don Maitz's startling cover art for the Donald M. Grant edition features an image of Desperation's crazed town sheriff, Collie Entragian -- gun in hand and blood dripping from the mouth. Maitz's work on the Grant edition is awe inspiring, but it was not without its difficulties. Some of the original artwork Matiz created for Desperation was stolen during transit to a fantasy convention and never made it to the publisher, causing the artist to create replacement works. In addition to this, King had changed a plot element that required Maitz to make last-minute changes to the art. The result, of course, is some of the most beloved art to have graced a King limited edition, with many collectors citing this particular cover among their all-time favorites. The Grant edition was published in 1996, the same year as the first edition.

These prints are hand-signed by Don Maitz, who has also created 20 different drawings, one for each of the remarque prints, which will be assigned at random. Three of these remarque prints will be available for the purchase at the time of release, so you will want to act fast on those. 

Exclusively available through Suntup Editions for your private collection, and limited to just 50 copies per size, worldwide.

  • Museum Quality Giclée prints.
  • Signed and authorized by the original cover artist.
  • Limited to only 50 copies of each size worldwide, plus 3 Artist Proofs and 3 Publisher Proofs for private distribution.
  • Shipped with a Certificate of Limitation and Authenticity from the publisher.
  • Printed on 300 GSM, 100% cotton paper that is Acid-Free, Lignin-Free, Chlorine-Free and with No Optical Brighteners.
  • Prints are embossed with the publisher’s mark.
Release Date: March 1, 2019

Available for Pre-Order: February 15, 2019

Large Size: 18" x 24"
Small Size: 12" x 17"


Illustration © 1996-2019 by Don Maitz

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Seth Gowans-Savage

This is a print that I've wanted in a high quality version for years, since I first saw it on the Gift Edition dustjacket (which I don't have).This depiction IS Collie Entragian. TAK! Paul has done an amazing job with this series and it's a shame that it isn't continuing. I've got the large "Mirror" The Shining and this one. (Now I just need to get the Skeleton Crew, but there is NO way I could handle that f'ing monkey getting ready to bang his cymbals! These will be the first items that I get professionally framed and will be well worth it! Now, it's just a matter of finding a wall space that I can endure having Engtragian staring at me from. Perhaps the restroom may be the most comedic. LOL!

As everyone else says, the packaging for these prints virtually ensures that they won't be damaged in any but the most extreme cases of postal abuse. Image is protected by a nice piece of onionskin, which is great EXCEPT that I don't want to remove all the tape and plastic and onionskin just to be able to see the actual print for a minute before I box it back up waiting for the framers. Damn you Suntup for making sure that the surface doesn't get scratched or smudged! ;)

Jeff Stazak
Another Great Cover Print!

This print is so striking and vibrant that it's a joy to own and the creepy remarque is the cherry on top. Want to add Suntup's customer service is second to none!


Just received the latest covers print in the midst of a major snowstorm here in Beantown and it made my day to linger on the incredible art of Don's brilliant addition that totally encapsulates the absurdity and madness of King's tale. The remarque on mine is killer and only enhances the presentation that brings to life the true power of the work with the usual Suntup bang up printing. Look forward to what's next on Paul's incredible agenda...