Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury - Numbered Edition

Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury - Numbered Edition

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This year marks the Centennial of Ray Bradbury’s birth, and to celebrate the life and work of this beloved and visionary author, Suntup Editions is delighted to announce a fine press limited edition of Fahrenheit 451.

Highly regarded as Ray Bradbury’s masterpiece, Fahrenheit 451 depicts a dystopian society in which all books are outlawed and burned. The novel follows the personal evolution and journey of Guy Montag, from a fireman for whom it is a pleasure to burn books, to a man disillusioned with the censoring of knowledge and dedicated to the preservation of literature.

In a 1956 interview, Bradbury said, “I wrote this book at a time when I was worried about the way things were going in this country four years ago. Too many people were afraid of their shadows; there was a threat of book burning. Many of the books were being taken off the shelves at that time.”

Bradbury has also described the book as a commentary on resistance to conformity, and how mass media can create a lack of interest in reading literature.

Though considered one of the greatest science-fiction novels of all time, much of Fahrenheit 451 has become science-fact. The novel predicted earbud headphones, flatscreen televisions, and 24-hour banking machines.

In 1954, Fahrenheit 451 won the American Academy of Arts and Letters Award in Literature and the Commonwealth Club of California Gold Medal. It later won the Prometheus “Hall of Fame” Award in 1984, and a “Retro” Hugo Award in 2004, one of only seven Best Novel “Retro” Hugo Awards ever given.

Learn more about the events planned for the Ray Bradbury Centennial.

The fine press limited edition of Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury is presented in three states: Lettered, Numbered and Artist Gift editions. 


  • 6” x 9” trim size.
  • Limited to 250 copies.
  • Quarter bound in Italian cloth with decorative French marbled paper covers.
  • Introduction by NY Times Bestselling author, Neil Gaiman.
  • Six full color illustrations by Julia Griffin.
  • 77-page bonus section on the history, context and criticism of the novel edited by Jonathan R. Eller.
  • Signed by Neil Gaiman, Julia Griffin, and Jonathan R. Eller.
  • Includes Bradbury’s short story The Pedestrian and his novella The Fireman, which later evolved into Fahrenheit 451.
  • Printed letterpress on Mohawk Superfine
  • Copper top-edge gilding.
  • Housed in a dual cloth covered slipcase with hot foil stamping on the spine. 
  • Premiums with all pre-orders include print and bookmarks.

Published editions may differ slightly from mockups and prototype designs.
Artwork © 2020 by Julia Griffin
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Customer Reviews

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James Pryor
Fahrenheit 451

This book is absolutely gorgeous to behold! Another extraordinary job done by the Suntup crew!

E. Mealey
Fahrenheit 451

Another beautiful edition from Suntup. I am always happy when my order arrives and I get to see and touch another well crafted book from them. I always look forward to adding their gorgeous and uniquely made versions to my collection. Can not wait for the next one to arrive.

michael doukas
On Fire

The numbered ed of F451 is simply stunning. Everything about the book is perfect from the design to the cover to the interior pictures. The cover and interior end papers are exquisite. Paul and his team keep coming up with incredible productions. This is surely one of them..

Steve H

This being a Suntup Press release, its production values are a million degrees beyond fair. In height it measures nine and five eighth inches, including the wonderful slip-case, and if you can find one on the secondary market for fifty one bucks, you are one lucky son of a gun. So listen guy, search Montag, Dienstag, Mittwoch, every day of the week until you find yourself a hot copy of this fiery gem to add to your collection. Memorize this review so you don’t forget what you’re looking for!

Philippe Beaupré

Amazing production as always. Suntup has not yet failed!