Horns Art Portfolio

Horns Art Portfolio

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We are delighted to announce the Horns Art Portfolio featuring all of Magdalena Kaczan's stunning artwork from the signed limited edition of Horns by Joe Hill. 

  • Signed by artist Magdalena Kaczan on a beautiful letterpress printed signature sheet
  • Fifteen art prints depicting scenes and characters from the novel
  • Never-before-seen collection of line drawings by Magdalena Kaczan that were not used in the final production.
  • Prints measure 10" x 15" and are enclosed in a beautiful art folio box.
  • Includes three gorgeous landscape illustrations, including the custom endsheet illustration and the full wrap-around dust jacket art.
  • The Horns Art Portfolio is available for pre-order whether you own a Horns limited edition or not. The limitation sheet will be hand numbered or lettered, and for those who own either a Lettered of Limited edition of Horns, we will automatically match your portfolio to your registered number or letter.
  • Limited to 125 copies. 

Orders must be received before Tuesday, October 15th 2019 at 12:00PM Pacific time in order to guarantee matching designations.

Lifetime Subscribers: Please note that the portfolio is not included with your lifetime subscription.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Michael Gomez
I thought I could do without this.

I opted NOT to get this initially. I thought "what's the big deal?" It IS a big deal. Literally and metaphorically. The prints are stunning. I now have to find frames for them because they are THAT breathtaking (thanks a lot Paul!). I've always hated art portfolios where it was obvious that the artist (although perhaps skilled) did not truly understand or even read the source material. This is the exact opposite case here. The artist both read and UNDERSTOOD the source material and it shows. In the tones of deep sadness where represented by Hill and in the scenes of tension depicted. It is a masterpiece in every sense of the word. I don't know how more people don't know about this.

Steven Mandel
Fantastic book

The quality and craftsmanship are fantastic

Simply Beautiful

Love the folder construction. What makes Suntup so special is their product and ideas FEEL like the books themes and mood.
- Bryan

Michael Emerson
Simply Amazing

I just received the Horns Art Portfolio and I am speechless! Amazing doesn’t even describe it! Even the folio that holds the prints is designed to amaze and is a work of art in itself. Paul and the gang at Suntup were even able to match the number I have for the book and Merrin’s Cross paperweight even though I was well past the original cutoff date!!! You guys are simply the best!!! I look forward to all that you guys have to make for us book lovers!

Cristian Coppola

Awesome Portfolio!!. Each edition that you launch is MORE BEAUTIFUL than the previous one !!! The love and dedication that you put into every detail is incredible. Congrats !