Neuromancer by William Gibson - Numbered Edition

Neuromancer by William Gibson - Numbered Edition

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The definitive cyberpunk novel, William Gibson's Neuromancer is a science-fiction masterpiece that ranks as one of the twentieth century's most potent visions of the future. First published as a paperback original in 1984, several years before the Internet was commonplace, William Gibson showed us the Matrix — a world within the world, the representation of every byte of data in cyberspace. Neuromancer is the story of Henry Dorsett Case, once the sharpest data-thief in the Matrix, until an ex-employer crippled his nervous system. Now a new employer has recruited him for a last chance run against an unthinkably powerful artificial intelligence.

Neuromancer was the first fully-realized glimpse of humankind’s digital future — a shocking vision that has challenged our assumptions about technology and ourselves, reinvented the way we speak and think, and forever altered the landscape of our imaginations.

The novel is the first in history to win the Nebula, the Hugo, and the Philip K. Dick Award for paperback original, and the Mail & Guardian described this achievement as "the sci-fi writer's version of winning the Goncourt, Booker, and Pulitzer in the same year."  By 2007, it had sold more than 6.7 million copies, and it remains one of the most honored works of science-fiction in recent history. Time magazine included it on their list of 100 Best English-Language Novels Written Since 1923, remarking, "There is no way to overstate how radical Neuromancer was when it first appeared." 

Neuromancer ushers us into a dystopian world, exposing the dark side of a culture inextricably linked to computer technology with a keen prophecy that endures.

The signed limited edition of Neuromancer by William Gibson is presented in two states: Lettered and Numbered editions. 


  • 6” x 9” trim size.
  • 272 Pages.
  • Limited to 250 copies.
  • Quarter Japanese cloth binding with premium foil stamped paper boards.
  • Introduction by William Gibson from the trade edition.
  • Six full color illustrations by Billy Norrby.
  • Signed by William Gibson and Billy Norrby.
  • Printed offset on Cougar Natural.
  • Endsheets are Hahnemühle Bugra.
  • Housed in a capped slipcase enclosure.
  • Bookmark with all pre-orders.

Published editions may differ slightly from mockups and prototype designs.
Artwork © 2020 by Billy Norrby
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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
R.J. Huneke
It’s simply stunning in every way

Just taking this book out of the case is an experience unlike any I’ve had! The cover feels like suede and all around the chip layout goes even to the inside and so you get the feeling you’re holding a piece of tech and art, and it’s simply stunning in every way.

James Pryor

The numbered Neuromancer is an extraordinarily beautiful sculpted work of is absolutely stunning to look at and feel when held!

George Tillman
Unique and Stunning

Truly an original and unique design. Couldn't be happier.

Brooklyn Ann
A design that does justice to the story

I am so excited to finally receive my numbered edition of Neuromancer. The design and texture of the traycase is a treat, and the circuit board cover of the book is visually stunning and a tactile treat.

Christopher Bowers

This production is simply out of this world!