Night Shift (Paperback) - Fine Art Print - Don Brautigam

Night Shift (Paperback) - Fine Art Print - Don Brautigam

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We are delighted to reveal another beautiful bonus print in The Covers Collection from the late Don Brautigam. This month, we have one of the highest anticipated and most requested covers; the art from the first US edition paperback of Night Shift.

The 1979 Signet paperback release of Night Shift features the first of many covers Brautigam would be hired to create for Stephen King. It is also one of his most iconic. The imagery of the eyes peering forth from the bandaged hand was inspired by King's short story "I Am the Doorway," which is included in this, his first ever short story collection.

A unique characteristic of the Night Shift first edition paperback is its stepback, or keyhole cover. Subsequent printings would reuse Brautigam's artwork, but the first edition is identified by the outermost front cover's "keyholes," which open up to a full page color stepback graphic underneath. Now, this magnificent piece of artwork can be enjoyed as a beautiful giclée print -- and you don't even need to line up the eyes!

Exclusively available through Suntup Editions for your private collection, and limited to just 50 copies per size, worldwide.

  • Museum Quality Giclée prints.
  • Authorized by Dan and Jim Brautigam.
  • Limited to only 50 copies of each size worldwide, plus 3 Artist Proofs and 3 Publisher Proofs for private distribution.
  • Shipped with a Certificate of Limitation and Authenticity from the publisher.
  • Printed on 300 GSM, 100% cotton paper that is Acid-Free, Lignin-Free, Chlorine-Free and with No Optical Brighteners.
  • Prints are embossed with the publisher’s mark.

Release Date: December 15, 2018
Available for Pre-Order: December 1, 2018

Large Size: 18" x 24"
Small Size: 12" x 17"

Illustration © 1979-2018 by Don Brautigam

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Stephen Bamberg
Amazing Print of Night Shift

I was a loyal subscriber of the small fine art prints from Suntup. Sadly, they ended it. For my last hurrah, I splurged and got an additional copy of Night Shift, this time the large version of it. Suntup's quality is unparelled! I am an avid art print collector, but these I treasure most of all! Thanks to Paul and the whole Suntup group!

Rudy Giecek
Amazing art

These book cover prints come with authenticity letters signed by the artists. This particular author has now passed away and I am proud to have a signed piece of his art in my possession.
Great quality printing and packaging!

Patrick Tinney
Another Don Brautigam Art Print is coming home

The second paperback book I ever purchased was Night Shift. Like The Stand, I was captivated by the artwork on this book. The paperbacks released in the 70's and the 80's really captured the book's soul through its art. Looking back at it these now, the Brautigam covers have stood the test of time.

Ron R.

Wonderful piece as usual!

Ronny Rainwater
Night Shift Fine Art Print

This print was everything I had waited and hoped for. Beautiful!!!