Oskar's Cube Paperweight

Oskar's Cube Paperweight

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Estimated release date: October 2020

Back by popular demand is the tie-in Suntup Editions paperweight. Our first since Horns, this acrylic paperweight features a custom made Rubik’s Cube replica in the center and is limited to 145 copies. Each cube is engraved with a number or letter to match your designation of Let The Right One In.

No book purchase is necessary to order, and you do not have to be an owner of the Lettered and/or Numbered edition of Let The Right One In to order the paperweight.

  • Limited to 145 paperweights.
  • 2.5” square acrylic.
  • Designation is laser engraved in the acrylic.
  • Available for purchase whether you own an edition of Let the Right One In or not.
  • Not included with Lifetime Subscriptions.


Registered owners of a Lettered or Numbered edition of Let the Right One In who place an order will receive a matching numbered and/or lettered paperweight. If you have a Lettered and Numbered Let the Right One In, and you order two paperweights, you will receive your letter and number.

You may also purchase this item if you do not own an edition of Let the Right One In, and you will be assigned an available number, also engraved on the paperweight.

Orders must be received before Saturday, July 25th 2020 at 12:00 P.M. Pacific time in order to guarantee matching designations.

Photography by Yegor Malinovskii.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Jeff Terry
Pimp my Shelf

Only Suntup can make something as fun as it is elegant. I don't normally spend my very little book dollars on non-book items. But I just got pulled into this orbit and I couldn't shake free. I got the cube to match my book number and have been smiling ever since. That smile only grew once I got the paperweight in the mail. It is just gorgeous. That speed cube is vibrant and the whole thing feels like an artifact from some sci-fi novel. I don't know how many more paperweights Suntup will make for future releases. I don't know how many I'll buy. But I don't know how I'll be able to resist.

wc thornton
A wonderful extra to the expected book

I was very pleased with the Oskar's cube paperweight.I particularly like the drp of blood suspended below the suspended cube.It's a striking piece and I have it on prominent display on one of my bookshelves...the one that holds my Suntup Press editions.I can't wait to receive the matching book.


Another stellar production from SUNTUP with it's latest offering of OSCAR'S CUBE. The heft and solidity along with the design are outstanding and a welcome addition to the literary cube collection

Christopher Bowers

A very cool companion piece to the book!

Erik Mann

Me like cube! Bonk!