Pet Sematary - Fine Art Print - Linda Fennimore

Pet Sematary - Fine Art Print - Linda Fennimore

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The Covers Collection: Pet Sematary

Publishers Weekly called it “the most frightening novel Stephen King has ever written.” - Now, you can commemorate King’s terrifying novel in a whole new way. When comparing the printed dust jacket, we discovered that the lower section of the artwork had been trimmed. We present now the complete cover art as it was intended by the artist , in a bold and vibrant reproduction that is so good, you will have a hard time believing this is not an original. Really, you have to see this print to believe it. You have never seen the cover art from Pet Sematary look this good.

View the artwork the way it was created before the publisher’s revisions and requested alterations. Complete your Stephen King collection with the power to showcase one of just 100 signed prints available worldwide.

Release Date: June 1, 2017

Large Size: 18" x 24"
Small Size: 11" x 17"


Illustration © 1983-2017 Linda Fennimore


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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Jes Karakashian

I was 12 when Pet Sematary hit theaters in 1989. I had a rule that I would always read the book before seeing the film, but unfortunately in this case, the local library possessed no copies of Pet Sematary, so I broke my own rule and saw the film. To say I was blown away is an understatement. I knew I had to get my hands on the book, so I asked the library to order it. A few weeks later, it arrived, and I was down there to borrow it first thing. The cover art immediately captivated me. I still remember exactly how it felt to hold that book in my hands, staring at the cover art, knowing somehow that this book was going to become my lifetime favorite. 35 years later, I still read it every Fall, my dog eared hardcover with a torn dust jacket propped in my lap, ready to jump back into Ludlow and the woods beyond. This artwork has been meaningful to my life since I was a child and to see it reproduced so stunningly makes my heart swell. I have already added it to my already admittedly large collection of Pet Sematary prints and posters. Thank you for reproducing my childhood favorite!

Brooklyn Ann

I've had this art print on my wishlist for awhile. And even after acquiring the prints for It and Christine (Thank you anonymous gifter for the surprise B-day present!) I was STILL surprised at how vivid this print is in person!

Adam Leonard
Amazing Print of a Classic Artwork

“Pet Sematary” is my favorite novel of all-time. The image of Louis’s silhouette carrying Gage towards the Micmac burial ground on the first edition cover art always haunted me as a kid. To finally have this memorable book cover in a limited, fine art print (complete with Linda Fennimore’s autograph) is a huge deal. I cannot wait to have this print professionally framed and presented with the certificate of authenticity. Thank you, Suntup Editions!

Mark Turek
Pet Semetary art print

Fine art prints do not get much better than this. I’m hoping they get a little deeper into the Stephen King world for future pieces.

Patrick Tinney
Pet Sematary cover artwork is radiant

I've always been a fan of the artwork for Pet Sematary. To have it as part of my growing collection is a huge win for me.