The Covers Collection: Subscription (REMARQUE)

The Covers Collection: Subscription (REMARQUE)

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Add this product to your cart and checkout if you want to become a monthly subscriber to The Covers Collection print series. Purchasing this item will activate your subscription to the LARGE REMARQUE prints.

You will be automatically upgraded to on future prints that have a remarque unless you opt-out.

The price shown includes the first three prints in the series (Pet Sematary, The Shining and Misery.) All future prints will be billed and shipped automatically once a month until you cancel, or the program ends. That's one print a month.

Please note that at the time of signing up for the subscription, other prints in the series may have already been released, prior to the start of your subscription. If you do not want to miss those, then be sure to add them to your order. You can see all available individual prints here: Individual Fine Art Prints.

Pet Sematary and The Shining prints have a Remarque, Misery does not.

You will not be charged the price you see at the top of the screen every month. This is the special discounted price for the first three prints, and is a one-time charge only. Going forward, you will be charged the price for the single prints each month.

As a subscriber, you will receive an automatic discount of 20% on all prints, 15% on the optional archival Art Folio Box, and 10% on custom framing ordered.

Be sure to familiarize yourself with the up-front and monthly charges shown in the table below. By ordering this subscription you agree to be billed as indicated.

Custom Framing & Archival Folio Box Add-On:
If you would like one or more of the first three prints to be shipped framed, or you want to order the Archival Art Folio Box, be sure to add the applicable Subscription Add-On Product to your cart. This is only applicable to subscription orders.

Subscription Pricing Details:

Subscription Level Print Size One-Time Up-Front Cost
(3 Prints)
Future Prints (Monthly) Billed & Shipped Automatically Subscription Savings
Small Print Subscription 11" x 17" &
17" x 12.5"
($300 without subscription)
$80 each $60 on First Three Prints. $20 each Future Print.
Large Print Subscription 18" x 24" & 16" x 24" $420*
($525 without subscription)
$140 each $105 on First Three Prints. $35 each Future Print.
Remarque Subscription 18" x 24" $612*†
($765 without subscription)
$140 each (Non-Remarque)$236 each (Remarque - requires manual upgrade) $35 each Non-Remarque$59 each Remarque

* Prices exclude shipping
† Includes Pet Sematary and The Shining Remarque prints.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
steve carleton
Remarque covers

Great stuff!!!

Chris C
Absolutely Fantastic

Fantastic Art Prints!! The colors are sharp and vivid. They leap off the page. Having collected King for years it is so incredible to see the book covers brought to life in such vivid detail. The remarques are an extra touch that enhances each print. If you haven't ordered these yet I would strongly advise that you do, otherwise you may miss out on an exceptional addition to your collection.

Rich R.

I'm very impressed with these truly standout prints. 'Prints' is certainly short-changing them; they're works of art. I'm especially happy with the remarques, each artist spent careful time adding a loving embellishment that properly complements the large size print. The result is a unique treasure. Print colors are vibrant and the paper is luxurious. I was definitely heartened by the excellent packaging which ensured safe arrival. The subscription pace is fun: the first set arrived immediately after ordering (no months-long arduous wait) and others will follow in a rhythm that feels just right. A fabulous idea fabulously executed!

Justin P

Received my first set of prints. I am a long time reader of kings stuff since I was probably a little too young to read but his works have been a huge part of my life ever since. Never would of thought something like this series would ever happen but am very grateful that it has. Thank you so much Paul and it gets me so excited for the months going forward to see what future projects will bring forth when something wicked this way comes.

Jeff Stazak

I was blown away when I received these gorgeous prints. Absolutely love them and the incredible remarques that adorn two of them. I will be waiting eagerly for the future prints to arrive. Great addition to my King collection. Thanks Paul!