The Wolfen Art Portfolio

The Wolfen Art Portfolio

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We ask that you please order the art portfolio separately, so that it is on its own order and not ordered together with any other item.

Estimated Publication: Early Summer 2021

Back by popular demand is our art portfolio! This time, we present art from The Wolfen illustrated by François Vaillancourt. The portfolio is sized at 9″ x 13.5” and includes fifteen prints. In addition to the interior illustrations, also included are the Artist edition endsheet and dust jacket illustrations. Includes a letterpress printed signature page and limited to 300 copies. Signed by François Vaillancourt.

The Wolfen Art Portfolio is available for pre-order whether you purchase a copy of any of the editions of The Wolfen or not.

How the Portfolios are Designated

  • The portfolio is designated non-sequentially.
  • If you own either a Numbered and/or Lettered edition of The Wolfen, we will automatically match your number and/or letter to your portfolio.
  • If you own both a Lettered and Numbered edition of The Wolfen, and you purchase two copies of the portfolio, you will be matched to the number and letter.
  • If you purchase both a Lettered and Numbered edition The Wolfen, and only one portfolio, it will be designed to match your letter, not your number.
  • We are not taking specific number or letter requests.
  • We cannot match this portfolio to any book other than The Wolfen. If you do not purchase The Wolfen, and you purchase a portfolio, the portfolio will be designated based on what numbers are available.

Orders must be received before Monday, March 8th 2021 at 12:00PM Pacific time in order to guarantee matching designations.

Lifetime Subscribers: Please note that the portfolio is not included with your lifetime subscription.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Steven Badeau
Suntup appreciation

Amazing Quality!! Exemplary work and attention to detail, Just what I would expect from people who continue to take pride in the work they do.

Brian H
Masterful Art Portfolio

Amazing quality all around - from the case/folder material and texture to the sharp colored images, this is a masterpiece. I'm very happy to have this in my collection.

A beautiful art portfolio

This is my first art portfolio from Suntup and it is a really nice production! Thank you!

Ivor Goligher
Classic Suntup

I rarely buy an art portfolio from any publisher…but this is Suntup. Where a book isn’t just a book. And an Art Portfolio isn’t just an Art Portfolio.

Andrew Rowell
You’ll Howl at the Moon over this one!

The Wolfen was a new read for me when Paul announced it as a Suntup publication. I ordered a paperback version to read while waiting for the AE and numbered editions and also couldn’t resist getting an art portfolio when I saw Francois Vaillancourt’s beautiful artwork - the quality of the paper stock and the sharpness and colour of the prints is superb, and of course seeing the art at the larger size of the prints is a real plus - Very highly recommended! 😁👍